The social gaming company of the Middle East
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Who We Are

Our mission is to simply connect people around the world through great games! We do that by developing and publishing leading online social games.
We are taking the industry of internet gaming to a new level through our creative and out of the box ideas and innovative products.
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Social Gaming

The concept of Social Gaming is to involve multiple players in one game platform. With YallaPlay, we take this concept beyond those words by allowing free access for everyone to join, and providing the best game experience possible through unique game features and creative interactivity!.

Experience and Usability

Our games' uniqueness is highlighted through usage simplicity and rich game features. In the game, a member has his own character, profile, and list of Friends, and is able to play against real people in real time on our game network or against THETA the AI robot.

Unique Visuals

Our products feature popular games with an interactive gaming interface, animated platform, and unique 3rd person view. And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! Check out one of our games at

Project THETA 

Adaptive Tarneeb Emulated Human Thinking, spelled backwards, is THETA. In other words, THETA is an AI Robot programmed to play Tarneeb! This robot works by continuously learning from other people. THETA is considered a key member of the YallaPlay family and the very core of our first product