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Game and Network brings the popular card game of Tarneeb to the online world. Visitors can now play this addictive game online, in 3D against friends or, against the Artificially Intelligent robot THETA.
Launched in 2009, quickly became a sanctuary for all Tarneeb lovers around the world. The website represents a venue where enthusiasts can play the famous addictive card game, whenever they wanted, without any obstacles, and with a choice of an unparalleled challenge against THETA.
The Network soon grew to include players joining the game through the website, iphone app, and Facebook application. Click on the image to visit

Project THETA

Adaptive Tarneeb Emulated Human Thinking, spelled backwards, is THETA. In other words, THETA is an AI Robot programmed to play Tarneeb! THETA works by continuously learning from other people. By watching every single card played by others and looking at the outcome, THETA is able to make better decisions on what defines a “good play” and a “bad play”. In order to supply THETA with endless Tarneeb games to learn from, it was given its home,, where not only can it watch and learn Tarneeb, but also fill the famous fourth player gap for good. Click on the image to read more about THETA

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Application

This application brings the addictive and popular card game of Tarneeb right to the palm of the user’s hands, with an interactive gaming interface, animated platform, and unique 3rd person view. The Tarneeb iPhone application is connected to the entire Tarneeb Network, the largest community of Tarneeb players around the world. Play against thousands of members, friends, or if you’ve got what it takes, against the Artificially Intelligent robot THETA. The game can also be played in offline mode. Click on the image to view the app on iTunes/

Tarneeb QuickPlay:’s Facebook Application

Tarneeb fans can also enjoy a quick version of the game on Facebook . The Tarneeb QuickPlay also connects the players on Facebook to the entire Tarneeb Network with thousands of members playing the game through the website or iPhone app! Click on the image to check out Tarneeb QuickPlay on Facebook

Game’s Exclusive Features

Play Online against real players . Feature-rich card game with a unique 3rd person view . For the corageous, play against THETA . You will have your own character, profile, and friend’s list . Accumulate points and become ranked among the largest network of Tarneeb players . Use your Grape Leaves and customize your character . Gain Prestige and get the respect of other Tarneeb members . Continuously updated by the tarneeb team